Alex Tapia is a graphic designer based in Halifax, NS.


<h1>Alex Tapia is a multidisciplinary designer focused on graphic design, art direction and photography.</h1>

Alex is an interdisciplinary designer focused on graphic design, typography, and photography.


Alex holds a Bachelor of Design, Major in Interdisciplinary Design degree from NSCAD University. He is informed by international design culture and influenced by classic and contemporary aesthetics with an eye for clean typography, modernism and simplicity.

He approaches design both as a functional and visual experience while producing expressive, bold and experimental visual communication designs. Clients include independent artists, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and museums.

Full CV available on request. Contact him for freelance projects, or just to say hi  

Art Direction, Branding, Design, Event Design, Identity, Naming, Print, Photography, Social Media, Web Design.

Halifax, NS, Canada.
+1 902 401 1939